Rare RH drive Biturbo variant with great history

Best known for their racing and sports cars, Maserati moved into the luxury market under the stewardship of Alejandro de Tomaso with the Kyalami, a re-engineered version of the Longchamps from his eponymously named company.  The effective replacement for this was the 1981 Biturbo Coupé, powered by a twin turbo-charged V6 engine with 3 valves per cylinder and an output of 180bhp from an Italian tax-beating 1996cc.  The engine was subsequently enlarged to 2.5-litres for export markets and the cars featured an outstandingly well-equipped wood and leather-trimmed cabin.

From 1988, the ‘Biturbo’ designation was dropped and subsequent models were known as the 222 Series, with the 2-litre version for the Italian market only and the 222E being powered by a 2.8-litre engine developing some 245bhp.

Car Magazine’s road test quoted a maximum speed of 146mph, with acceleration from 0-60 being accomplished in just under six seconds.  The cost new in 1990 was £34,000 with less than 500 examples imported to the UK. These series continued until 1994, when they were ultimately replaced by the Ghibli.

This particular car was originally registered in 1989 as a “G” registration (it now has a private plate linked to the make and model, MAS 222E). It has been serviced almost exclusively by McGrath since 1997 and been in the same ownership for past 17 years. The owner is planning to emigrate to New Zealand and has reluctantly decided to sell the car complete with private number plate. Today the mileage is a fully documented 121,000 miles

Currently there are just 7 Maserati 222E’s left registered on Britain’s roads. So this is a fantastic opportunity to own a fun, rare and practical piece of Maserati history.

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Nicholas Crellin - 07918 738789