A unique Ghibli Spyder restoration completed by McGrath

At the end of July, we witnessed a momentous occasion at McGraths; the completion of a Ghibli Spyder restoration. And this was not just one of the 125 Spyders but also the unique car supplied with a targa hardtop roof by Carrozzeria Pavesi Milano.

Carrozzeria Pavesi is a small coachbuilder that specialised in modifications and Elaborazione. During the same period as the Ghibli, Pavesi carried out a similar modification to a Ferrari Daytona Spyder, the result being shown at the Paris Salon in 1969. Taking an original Spyder as the starting point, Pavesi built a frame around the hood aperture, adding a plexiglass rear window, then a stainless steel cover, then finally two removeable targa panels that could be stored in the boot.

Sold new in Italy, the car subsequently went to the USA and then to the Netherlands, from where it was purchased in the 1980s by Tony Young. Having suffered years of neglect, the bodywork was in appalling condition but undeterred, Tony embarked on a total restoration that for one reason or another was destined to take nearly 30 years.

The body restoration was entrusted to Wildae Restorations in Devon while Tony began the mechanical side of things. After many hours but also a couple of periods where ‘life got in the way’, Tony asked McGrath Maserati to help him complete the project.

In 2011, the bare bodyshell arrived in Kimpton and we assembled the running gear. After a further visit to Wildae, the trimmed car came back for final finishing, including fitting of a new soft top and also the hardtop of course.

The deadline for Tony had always been the Silverstone Classic event and the car was proudly displayed on the Maserati Club stand, making headlines as it was always designed to do.