The story of how the entire McGrath company made a pilgrimage to Modena in the centenary year.

The people who work at McGrath Maserati are all enthusiasts for the marque and we decided as a company that during the centenary year, we had to make the pilgrimage to Italy to visit the factory and also the new Maserati exhibition at Casa Enzo Ferrari.

We decided on a weekend trip in late June so that we could also visit one of our favourite events as well, the Silver Flag hillclimb in Piacenza.

Flying into Bologna early on Friday morning, we were ready first for our appointment at Maserati SpA in Modena, where we had a full guided tour of the production lines as well as a mooch in the stunning factory showroom. While in Modena, we had to drop in on our friends Giuseppe and Marcello Candini, whose workshop looks very similar to our own! From there our next stop was the amazing Panini collection on the farm outside Modena, where the Maseratis and the parmesan cheese are amazing.

The next day we saw two runs on the Silver Flag course, supporting some of our regular clients and then met up for the Gala Dinner with the crew from Auto Italia magazine. On Sunday morning, we travelled back to Modena for our tour of the exhibition at Casa Enzo Ferrari and were particularly pleased to see a picture of our own workshops on the rolling film which accompanied the cars!

Finally, we had a walking tour of Modena, taking in some of the famous sites and ending at the Concerto restaurant in the Piazza Grande for a fantastic buffet lunch. Everyone enjoyed the weekend enormously and we hope to do it again soon. A walking tour of the ‘Italian Job’ locations in Turin has been suggested!