Named after the beautiful village at Lake Como, the Bellagio is a coachbuilt shooting brake based on the Maserati Quattroporte Series V, designed and built by Touring

The original Touring of Milan Company had a very successful association with Maserati in the 1960s, being the designer of choice of the Maserati 3500GT and also three of the infamous 5000GT cars.

The modern company is still based in Milan, now calling themselves Touring Superleggera after the distinctive type of ‘superlight’ aluminium body construction they used on the 3500 and also the DB Aston Martins. Today their speciality is bespoke bodywork and the Bellagio was their first. This car was in fact their demonstrator and is still one of only four cars made.

Exclusive, beautiful and practical, it is the only one in the UK and is maintained by McGrath Maserati.