An iconic shape requiring total restoration, it was a brave man who bought this Maserati Khamsin at auction. Layers of non-standard gold paint and filler covered the remains of Marcello Gandini’s original artwork, while under the bonnet, a smoking seven-cylinder could only just struggle into life. There was no option but to start again. Stripping a Khamsin to a bare shell involves removing miles of pipework for the Citroen hydraulic system as well as the complex, but rotten, rear subframe. Once in pieces, the bodyshell was soda blasted so that the full extent of the poorly executed previous repairs could be seen.
At the same time the engine was stripped, revealing broken piston rings gently munching their way through the piston in the non-firing cylinder. A complete rebuild was carried out on the engine including new pistons, liners and valves, followed by the gearbox and the axle. The subframe (which contains the axle and rear suspension, not to mention the lower fuel tank, was stripped and powder-coated before being built up again and offered back to the newly undersealed body.
The interior of this car had previously been painted over and therefore was completely re-trimmed by our trimmer, contrasting nicely with the original Luci Del Bosco paintwork. And then it was the small matter of building up the hydraulic system, which in this case powers not only the brakes but also the steering, clutch, headlamp pods and even seat movement.
The deadline for completion of this project was the Khamsin Quaranta event which took place in Dijon in 2012. The McGrath workshops were full of Khamsins leading up to the event and we certainly counted them all out. Pleasing also to note that we counted them all back again!

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