Over the years we have seen and restored quite a few of the A6G series of cars and both McGrath director and senior technician Alan Piggott are experts in this small run of cars. Built to individual order and with only 60 cars in total these are rare cars with many bespoke parts.

The challenge of this particular job was not the obvious parts of the restoration, for that had already been done, but the more difficult task of making the car as original as possible and a Concours contender. When the car arrived, it already looked a million dollars, but the brief was to make it look two million!

The detail work involved in a project like this is painstaking. All of the chrome was removed as the standard was not good enough. McGraths use chrome platers who specialise in triple plating in order to get the depth of shine required. A complete re-trim had to be done in order to correct problems with various aspects of the previous work and the car was re-carpeted at the same time.

Mechanically, the car arrived in one piece and running but early on a decision was made to strip it down completely and start again. A complete overhaul followed but at least it allowed us the opportunity to correct various cosmetic problems at the same time.

Various non-original parts were removed from the car and originals sought. New rear light units were found in Switzerland, new door catches in Italy and so it continued. Any parts that could not be found were made, such as the distinctive aluminium heat shield in the engine bay and many of the carburettor internals.

The owner’s intention had always been Pebble Beach, the most prestigious Concours event on the planet. For the centenary year there was talk of a Maserati class and secretly the car was entered. Once accepted, details were finalised and some very careful testing took place before the car was shipped to the USA.

The standard in the Maserati class was extremely high with some of the most important unique Maseratis on display but ‘our’ car won the class in the end. It was a great result after all the hard work.

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