Maserati Mistral


One of only 23 Maserati Mistral Coupes to be sold new in the UK, this right-hand-drive example must have been one of the first.

One of only 23 Maserati Mistral Coupes to be sold new in the UK, this right-hand-drive example must have been one of the first. It was completed in September 1964, which was the first year of series production. Being an early car, it has the 3.7 litre version of Maserati’s straight-six engine, Lucas fuel injection, 16” Borrani wire wheels, Jaeger instruments and manual window winders.

Little is known of its early history, but the car came back into the spotlight in the 1990s when a previous owner carried out a restoration before selling the car to a celebrity chef, known for his penchant for Maseratis. In his ownership, the car was often seen at Goodwood, sometimes on the Maserati stand in the Earl’s Court Motorshow. But it was rarely used and sold to the current owner/collector in 2010.

With a number of projects on the go, it was some time before the owner could focus attention on the Mistral but McGrath Maserati were then commissioned to carry out a thorough mechanical overhaul. The years of inactivity had not done the engine much good and so a complete overhaul of the engine and the Lucas fuel injection followed. During this work, a modern fuel pump was fitted, which keeps the Lucas system reliable.

The original ZF gearbox was stripped at the same time and sadly found to be beyond repair. A later ZF box from a 4.0 litre Mistral was acquired, rebuilt, and fitted. This is generally accepted as a desirable modification as the change quality is far superior to the earlier version. The axle was rebuilt and much attention was paid to the suspension, brakes, heating and ventilation systems and generally detailing the car to make it drive well and work reliably.

The aluminium body was thoroughly restored during the 1990s restoration and at that time, the colour was changed from the original silver to the Maserati colour of Blu Celeste Chiaro, one of the most stunning colours for any Mistral. The interior had also been retrimmed in beige leather and with blue carpets during the 1990s. All of this remains in good, though gently patinated, condition. The interior also benefits from one period option, the ‘Malvino’ wood rim steering wheel.

After considerable expenditure (invoices and photographs are on file), the car is now back on the road and has completed running-in mileage and final fettling by McGrath Maserati. However, due to a change of plans, it is now being offered for sale.

Maserati Classiche has confirmed that this is a matching numbers car and a certificate of ‘Technical and Aesthetic Characteristics’ from Maserati is on file.

Whilst there may be other examples of the Mistral on the market, finding a right-hand-drive one is very difficult and to find one that has had such comprehensive recent attention and is ready to use and enjoy immediately is near impossible. The car is available to view at McGrath Maserati.

For all enquiries, please contact:

Andy Heywood
01438 832161

Manufactured 1964
Engine 3.7 litre in-line 6 with twin camshafts and twin plug per cylinder.
Power 245bhp at 5,500 rpm
Running gear 5 speed ZF gearbox and Salisbury live rear axle
Chassis Square tube frame with double wishbone front suspension, semi elliptic rear
Body All aluminium. Designed by Frua, built by Maggiore
Rarity One of the first of 23 right-hand drive Coupes from a run of 828
Price £225,000