Mistral Spyder


Built in 1969, this was the very last Mistral produced, a 4.0 litre version, but originally a left-hand drive Coupe.

Having been imported from the USA in the 1980s as a restoration project, this Maserati Mistral has had a long wait to get back on the road. And along the way, some things have changed. Built in 1969, this was the very last Mistral produced, a 4.0 litre version but originally a left-hand drive Coupe. During restoration it was decided to restore the car to the more desirable Spyder specification and as it was staying in the UK, to right hand drive using original components.

Restoration and conversion of the body was entrusted to Vale Cottage Motors in Hornsey, who have enormous experience with the Mistral and have also converted a number over the years. The result, resplendent in the original colour of Newmarket Grey, looks magnificent.

Everything else was done by McGrath Maserati. A complete mechanical overhaul, including the engine and gearbox and the original Lucas fuel injection system, a fastidious rebuild of all of the exterior trim including new bumpers, new glass and lights throughout. A complete new wiring loom and modifications for an extra cooling fan, stainless exhaust system and a Bosch fuel pump conversion and a brand-new set of wire wheels to the correct 15” late specification rounded off the mechanicals.

The trim was done by our in-house trim department in Bordeaux hide with a new black mohair hood incorporating at the owner’s behest, a zip out rear window.

Since completion, the car has covered around 5,000 miles including a continental tour through France and Switzerland and a pilgrimage to the Maserati Factory, where, the owner reports, it stopped production as everyone came out to look!

Manufactured 1969
Engine 4.0 litre in-line 6 with twin camshafts and twin plugs per cylinder
Power 265bhp @ 5,500rpm
Running gear 5 speed ZF gearbox and Salisbury live rear axle
Chassis Square tube frame with double wishbone front suspension, semi elliptic rear
Body Aluminium front and steel rear section as per original Spyder. Designed by Frua, built by Maggiore
Rarity The last car built from the run of 955 cars, of which 120 were built as Spyders